Candidates – commit to supporting the Living Wage

If you’re standing for election to a local body this year, whether it’s a council, a licensing trust, a local board, or a DHB; we’d like you to pledge to support the Living Wage for all directly employed and contracted workers in your local body.

If you take two minutes to sign the form below – we will make sure that voters in your area know where you stand.

Did you know that Kiwis from all backgrounds feel that employers should pay workers enough to participate in society. That’s the New Zealand Living Wage. You can read more about here.

Make sure voters know that you support the Living Wage.

1. I commit to ensuring the local body I am standing for election to, implements the Living Wage for directly employed and contracted workers where ever it has the ability to determine wages.

2. I commit to ensuring that workers are moved to the Living Wage in a timely fashion. In the case of contracted workers this means as contracts come up for renewal.

For Auckland Candidates:

3. I support and promote accreditation of Auckland Council as a Living Wage Employer and promote an ongoing relationship with Living Wage Movement Aotearoa/New Zealand through a formal local consultative group that oversees the accreditation process.

4. I support the Living Wage for the Americas Cup and APEC in 2021 by ensuring all
Council tenders require no less than the Living Wage be paid for workers delivering regular and ongoing services to these events.

5. I support the council as champion of the Living Wage in the local economy.