Find Candidates that Support the Living Wage – Christchurch

Living Wage Candidate Directory - Christchurch/Canterbury

Search the table by name, local body, or area to see the candidates who support the Living Wage near you.

Candidates listed here have signed a commitment pledge to support a Living Wage:

1. That you support and promote the Living Wage being implemented for all those employed across the council business, including council-controlled organisations.

2. That you support all contracted workers, delivering a regular and ongoing service to the council, being paid at least the Living Wage as a minimum.

3. That you support and promote an ongoing relationship with Living Wage Movement Aotearoa/New Zealand through a formal local consultative group that oversees a plan and its implementation.

4. That you support the council as champion of the Living Wage in the local economy.

Local BodyCandidate Name
Mayoral CandidateLianne Dalziel
Mayoral CandidateDarryl Park
Mayoral CandidateJohn Minto
Environment Canterbury -Christchurch Central/Ōhoko ConstituencyLan Pham
Environment Canterbury - South Canterbury-Ōtuhituhi ConstituencyElizabeth McKenzie
Environment Canterbury - South Canterbury-Ōtuhituhi ConstituencyJared Ross
Environment Canterbury - North Canterbury/Ōpukepuke ConstituencyGreg Byrnes
Environment Canterbury - Mid Canterbury/Ōpakihi ConstituencySarah Walters
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch West/Ōpuna ConstituencyChrys Horn
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch West/Ōpuna ConstituencyCraig Pauling
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch West-Ōpuna ConstituencyRod Cullinane
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch South/Ōwhanga ConstituencyPhil Clearwater
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch South/Ōwhanga ConstituencyJames Macbeth Dann
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch South/Ōwhanga ConstituencyVicky Southworth
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch North/Ōrei ConstituencyIaean Cranwell
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch North/Ōrei ConstituencyJenny Hughey
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch Central/Ōhoko ConstituencyNicole Marshall
Environment Canterbury - Christchurch Central/Ōhoko ConstituencyPaul McMahon
Councillor- Papanui WardNathan McCluskey
Councillor and Community Board - Spreydon wardPeter Gatonyi
Councillor - Waimairi WardZahra Hussaini
Councillor - Spreydon WardMelanie Coker
Councillor - Riccarton WardAnthony Rimell
Councillor - Linwood WardYani Johanson
Councillor - Innes WardPauline Cotter
Councillor - Innes WardMark Wilson
Councillor - Hornby WardJimmy Chen
Councillor - Harewood WardAaron Keown
Councillor - Harewood WardScott Franicevic
Councillor - Halswell WardAnne Galloway
Councillor - Coastal WardKelly Barber
Councillor - Christchurch Central WardAxel Wilke
Councillor - Central WardDeon Swiggs
Councillor - Central WardJake McLellan
Councillor - Cashmere WardLee Sampson
Councillor - Burwood WardGlenn Livingston
Councillor - Banks Peninsula WardAndrew Turner
Community Board - Riccarton WardManish Pandey
Community Board - Papanui WardMerav Benaia
Community Board - Lyttelton WardReuben Davidson
Community Board - Halswell WardAndrei Moore
Community Board - Halswell WardNarinder Singh Warraich
Community Board - Central WardSunita Gautam
Community Board - Central WardIrinka Britnell
Community Board - Central WardWayne Hawker
Community BoardGalawezh Nooru
Community BoardMichael Britnell